Columbia Heights

DISCLAIMER: I claim FULL copyrights to the Chronicles of Coventry; though not professionally published (yet), all characters, themes, plots and ideas are my own 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello everyone! The story I am about to share with you is something I have been trying to write for probably the last ten years or so. Why so long? you might ask. Well, there have been times where I have come close to finishing it, but stopped on numerous occasions for many reasons. At one point, I was almost finished with it when I realized there wasn’t really any conflict in it, so the story was really dull and lifeless. Another time I was almost finished when I decided I just didn’t like the way it was going. Somewhere in between, I think I even sent in a book proposal, but obviously nothing happened. So after years and years of writing, rewriting and editing I think I have something that I might actually like and I hope y’all like it to. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you guys think, and please be honest…honest but gentle, considering this is out of my comfort box. 

SIDE NOTE: One thing I do ask any future followers, is no insulting me or anyone else in the comments. And absolutely no swearing. EVER. If you feel the need to do any of that, you can do so somewhere else. If I do catch any of it on this blog, then we will be having some problems.

EXTRA SIDE NOTE: I do realize there are some themes that would be considered more sensitive than others in regards to context, so I will leave a little warning before each story if I deem necessary. But I do try to make my stories age appropriate, and just appropriate in general, for everyone, so I don’t think that will be a problem. 

Anyway, if my one request is followed, then…