Hello all, my name is Kedrienna and I would like to officially welcome you to the blog.

After living in Colorado for 20+ years of my life, my family (by family I mean myself, my mom and younger sister-eventually joined by my older sister) decided to move to Florida to be part of a church that we had been watching online. It has been quite the change, that’s for sure. And I think its safe to say that nothing was really planned, other than we were moving. We moved down with no place ready to move into when we arrived. We moved without me or my mom having jobs already lined up. We moved from a place where all of our family was. We moved from a place that we all considered home. I guess you could say this move to Florida was sort of like a fresh start for us.

Starting a blog is something I have been considering for a while now, because I have been wanting that space to share a passion that I love, which is writing. I don’t know how or why, but I know some form of writing will be part of my future. I have never really done anything like this before so we will see how it goes. If you guys are interested in topics regarding life, books, travel and politics then this is the blog for you. On the rare occasion, you guys might even see the occasional food and DIY post. I hope you guys decide to join me on this journey of trying new things, because I am hoping that it is going to be a great one.

I have no idea what’s next…but I’m excited!

Welcome to Florida