Hey guys!

My name is Kedrienna and I am a 20 year old Florida dweller passionate about books, writing and storytelling. I have been into writing and creating my own stories ever since I was young, but the thing is, I have never been comfortable with the idea of others reading what I write. So, to help me out of my comfort zone some, and to also help develop my writing skills, I decided to give this blog a go. When it comes to my stories, I try to keep them age appropriate for all ages. I do realize there are some themes considered more sensitive than others, so I will leave a little warning before each story if I deem necessary. I am always open for any tips on how to make my stories better. And I am always open for any prompts anyone might have. If I do decide to use a prompt, I will contact you within a day or so, if I do decide to use said prompt.

I have no idea what’s next…but I’m excited!